Playtime Indoors for Kids

If you’re stuck indoors, or your babysitter is looking for ways to entertain your children, then we have some of the best indoor games for your children all in one place. Just take your pick and try some ideas!

1. Masking Tape Car Track

If they need to let off steam, but need that energy channelled, make your own monster indoor car track using masking tape. Kids will love the challenge of ‘driving’ their cars around the home.

2. Lego Marble Maze

Kids love Lego and they love marbles. Combine the two by creating a Lego marble maze with them. It can be as simple or as complex as you like. Creating a challenge and a focus for their Lego building should keep them entertained for longer.

3. Build a Den

Sometimes you just can’t beat the old-school rainy day activities. Get out the sheets and blankets, and use pegs, clothes airers, chairs and extension rods to create a perfect den for imaginations to run wild in.

4. Create a Ninja Laser Maze

Another awesome way of channelling the pent up energy stuck inside on a rainy day, is to use some crepe streamers to create a ninja laser maze. Stick the crepe strips across a corridor or hallway and set the kids the challenge of getting from one end to the other without touching them!

5. Get Lost in a Good Book

Indoor games for kids needn’t always involve resources or anything complex. A rainy day is the perfect time to sit down by the bookcase and get stuck into a new adventure or an old favourite. Kids love sharing stories with adults so give them this time and they’ll be happy.